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This is Colegio Oakland's logo and Coat of Arms.Este el el logo y el Escudo de Armas del Colegio Oakland de Colombia.

Oakland Colegio Campestre is a private independent school. It enrolls students in grades preschool through 11th which is equivalent to kindergarten through 12th grades or a combined preschool, primary and secondary school. The school welcomes students from all religions and walks of life since its inception. However a general knowledge and grading examinations are the norm for acceptance in the school. The school was founded in 1996 by Irma Castellanos, the school´s principal, Martha Edy Castellanos, the school´s general coordinator and Fernando Ruiz, the school’s general manager. It also is the founding member of Colombia Space School. Oakland’s motto is “Felicitas, Integritas Et Sapientia”; Happiness, Integrity and Knowledge.


Colegio Oakland is consistently ranked among the top preparatory schools in the Bogotá Region and in Colombia. It has been designated as "very superior" (muy superior) by the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education - ICFES.

Space School[edit]

Colegio Oakland (Oakland School) attends the Space School program since 2009 at Space Center Houston, leading Colombian Student participation of NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) educational programs, encouraging young people to gain an interest in physics, engineering, space science and STEM subjects, science, technology, engineering and maths. Colegio Oakland’s educators have devoted themselves to inspiring their students and young Colombian scientists from other schools to be a part of this program to engage students in critical thinking, creativity, fiscal responsibility and the drive to be successful.


Students are encouraged to participate in athletics from a young age, especially in soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, skating and hockey. Competitive tournaments with other schools are available.


The preschool, elementary and middle school curriculum is taught in Spanish. Although English and French are taught as second languages. Math, science, and some social studies courses are taught in English, while other social studies and Spanish courses are taught in Spanish. The school curriculum meets rigorous requirements: subjects as mathematics, English, Spanish, social studies, physical education, art, are taught from day one in kindergarten, along with physics, biology and chemistry for primary school. Electives are offered where students specialize in one or more areas, and choose from music, dance, and fine art (photography and painting). The school also offers advanced courses in calculus, physics, English and composition.

Faculty and class size[edit]

All faculty members hold university degrees in education and/or their field of specialty. The teaching staff is mainly Colombian. The average class size is 20 and the faculty/student ratio is 1:7.


4º 46' 21.02" N 74º 9' 30.02" W Oakland Colegio Campestre is located near Cota, on the way to Tenjo in the department of Cundinamarca, about fifteen minutes from Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, in South America.

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