Oakland International Airport (BART station)

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Oakland International Airport station under construction in July 2014.

Oakland International Airport station is a station on the Coliseum–Oakland International Airport line, also known informally as BART to OAK Airport, BART's automated guideway transit spur line, which carries passengers between the Oakland International Airport (OAK) and BART's rapid transit system at Oakland Coliseum Station.


The station opened for public service on November 22, 2014.[1]

It is the first station in the BART system that does not utilize the existing rapid transit tracks and trains, because it is part of the separate BART to OAK Airport automated guideway transit (AGT) people mover line between the Oakland Coliseum Station and this new station. The BART to OAK AGT vehicles are cable-pulled and fully automated, and run at intervals of five minutes during peak times (8 AM to 8 PM).

Upon opening, the Coliseum–Oakland International Airport line replaced the AirBART shuttle bus service. Unlike AirBART, the Oakland Airport Connector system is fully integrated into the BART fare system, including the acceptance of Clipper cards. Standard BART ticketing machines can be can be found at this station.

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