Oakland Mills, Columbia, Maryland

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Oakland Mills
Country United States
State Maryland
City Columbia
Established 1968[1]
Named for Oakland Mill[2]

Oakland Mills is one of the 10 villages in Columbia, Maryland. It is located immediately east of Town Center, across US Route 29.[3]

Neighborhoods in the village of Oakland Mills include Steven's Forest, Talbott Springs, and Thunder Hill.[4]


The name Oakland Mills comes from an old mill in the local area.[4]

Steven's Forest is named for a land grant of a similar name, Stevens's Forest, patented to Charles Stevens in 1709. Streets in Steven's Forest are named for works of John Dos Passos, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway.[4]

Talbott Springs comes from the name of the land grant, Talbott's Resolution Manor, which bordered the area. Street names are taken from the works of Carl Sandburg, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.[4]

Thunder Hill derives from the name of the area farm of landowner Goldsmith. The street names are from Andrew Wyeth.[4]


The village center contains a Food Lion grocery store and other retail establishments.[5] "The Meeting House", located at the village center, is an interfaith center.[6]

The community center is in The Other Barn, which was once part of the Owings Dorsey Dairy Farm.[7]

Each neighborhood has an outdoor pool.[8]

The Columbia Ice Rink is also part of the Oakland Mills Village Center complex, administered by the Columbia Association.


Oakland Mills High School is located in the village; students from both Oakland Mills and Owen Brown attend. There are three elementary schools, Stevens Forest Elementary School, Thunder Hill Elementary School, and Talbott Springs Elementary School, and one middle school, Oakland Mills Middle School, within the village.[9]


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