Obelisco (Guatemala City)

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El Obelisco or Monumento a los Próceres de la Independencia is a monument in Guatemala City, Guatemala built in 1935 under dictator Jorge Ubico and designed by Rafael Pérez De León. It commemorates the independence of Central America. the 18-metre high, 221-ton stone structure is situated on a huge roundabout called Plaza del Obelisco "Obelisk Square", where the Avenida Reforma, Boulevard Los Próceres, Avenida Las Americas and Boulevard Liberacion meet. - The neoclassic Palacio de La Reforma once stood at this place, until it was destroyed by the earthquakes of 1917/1918 [1]. In 1950, under president Juan José Arévalo, a flame of liberty was installed by the column.

Coordinates: 14°35′39″N 90°31′04″W / 14.5941°N 90.5178°W / 14.5941; -90.5178