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Obiaruku is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 5°51′N 6°09′E / 5.850°N 6.150°E / 5.850; 6.150
Country Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria
State Delta State

Obiaruku is an Ukwuani town in Ukwuani Local Government Area (LGA), Delta State, Nigeria. The Okpalauku of Obiaruku is the oldest male in the town.[1]

In 2005, youths from Obiaruku and neighboring Abraka, in Ethiope East LGA, got into a fight at a funeral for an Obiaruku elder, leading to the razing of 37 houses.[1]


In the Ukwuani speaking language, obi means "the heart; the center; the point; the main", while alu uku, which is customarily called aruku for easy pronunciation, means "The name of the trees that was found in the area, these trees are big and have canopy shades which make it comfortable for morka to settle under these trees". "a great work", or "a great event or happening".


The population of Obiaruki was 68,7310 in 2005, with 33090 males and 35620 females. The town has 16,205 households, and the population density of 168.

Obiaruku was founded by a man called Morka a native of Umuebu as a farm settlement.During time Morka located Obi - Aluku he never knew if there was other settlers in the other area.History recorded that when okuzu people came they cross River Ethiope and settled, when the whites came they change the name from Obi- aluku to Obiaruku.


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Coordinates: 5°51′N 6°09′E / 5.850°N 6.150°E / 5.850; 6.150