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Object Rexx
Paradigm Object-oriented (class-based)
Designed by Simon C. Nash (IBM)
Appeared in 1988; 27 years ago (1988)
OS Cross-platform: AIX, Linux, OS/2; Windows NT
License CPL 1.0, GPLv2
.cmd .rex .rxs

The Object Rexx programming language is an object-oriented scripting language initially produced by IBM for OS/2. It is a follow-on to and an extension of the "Rexx" language originally created for the CMS component of VM/SP and later ported to MVS,[2] OS/2, PC DOS and Windows 95. The OS/2 version of IBM Object Rexx is deeply integrated with SOM.[3]

On October 12, 2004, IBM released Object Rexx as open source software,[4] giving rise to Open Object Rexx (ooRexx), available for Linux, Solaris and Windows, including a WSH Scripting Engine for Rexx. The released sources however didn't include significant piece of the SOM support, Object Rexx for OS/2, nor the IDE of IBM Object Rexx for Windows.

Object Rexx supports multiple inheritance via the use of mixin classes.


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