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Obsession Telescopes
Founded Lake Mills, Wisconsin, USA (January 1, 1989 (1989-01-01))
Founder David Kriege
Headquarters Lake Mills, USA
Area served
Key people
David Kriege
Products Dobsonian telescopes

Obsession Telescopes is an American telescope manufacturer that specializes in Dobsonian telescopes. Founded in 1989 by David Kriege, the company is based in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.[1] It sells large aperture telescopes throughout the world.[2]


The company specializes in large aperture truss-pole Dobsonian telescopes.

Obsession uses primary mirrors supplied by Optical Mechanics, Inc. (OMI) and Galaxy Optics and secondary mirrors supplied by United Lens.

In 2007 Obsession released a new line of highly portable telescopes they designate as UC (Ultra Compact). Since that time, they have then referred to their original line of telescopes as "Classic" models.

Obsession also offer the StellarCAT ServoCAT drive system[3] and Wildcard Innovations Argo Navis Digital Telescope Computer (DTC).[4] on their range of telescopes.


Obsession telescopes available circa 2012.[5] The telescopes ranged in price from over $3000 USD for the 12.5 inch to $12–15,000 for the 25 inch.[6][7] Obsession manufactured a limited number of 30" telescopes.[8] In 2009, Obsession Telescopes assisted OMI in the design of the OMI Evolution-30.[9]

Obsession telescopes are used by a range of users, including amateur astronomers, academic institutions, and some professional observatories. An Obsession Telescope 25" was the largest aperture telescope at the Custer Observatory in New York State for a time.[10]


The Obsession 18" f/4.2 UC ('Ultra Compact') won a Sky & Telescope Magazine Hot Product of 2008 Award.


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