Obvodny Canal

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Obvodny Canal
Obvodny Channel SPB 1.jpg
Origin Neva (59°55′11″N 30°23′55″E / 59.9198°N 30.3985°E / 59.9198; 30.3985)
Mouth Ekaterinhofka (59°54′33″N 30°15′38″E / 59.9093°N 30.2606°E / 59.9093; 30.2606)
Basin countries Russia
Length 8.08 km

Obvodny Canal (Russian: Обводный канал, lit. Bypass Canal) is the longest canal in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which in the 19th century served as the southern limit of the city. It is 8 km long and flows from the Neva River near Alexander Nevsky Lavra to the Yekaterinhofka not far from the sea port. The canal was dug in 1769-1780 and 1805-1833. By the late 19th century with the Industrial Revolution it had effectively become a sewer collecting wastewater of adjacent industrial enterprises. Eventually the canal became shallow and now is not navigable anymore. The banks of the canal are lined with granite.

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