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The Occidental Observer
Web address theoccidentalobserver.net
Slogan White Identity, Interests, and Culture
Type of site
White nationalist online cultural magazine
Available in English
Launched October 2007
Alexa rank
positive decrease 116,056 (April 2014)[1]
Current status Active

The Occidental Observer is an online publication whose mission statement is to "present original content touching on the themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the West." The publication claims that there is great need for efforts such as its own because, "overt expressions of white identity and white interests (or European-American identity and interests) are rarely found among the peoples who founded these societies and who continue to make up the majority."[2] Kevin B. MacDonald, professor of evolutionary psychology at California State University, is a prominent contributor to the publication.

Accusations of racism and anti-Semitism[edit]

The Anti-Defamation League has claimed that The Occidental Observer "has become a primary voice for anti-Semitism from far-right intellectuals."[3] Among the articles it cites as evidence for this are a September 24, 2008 article titled "The Sandra Bernhard Monstrosity"[4] charged that "hostility to whites and to Christianity is a mainstream Jewish phenomenon" and a September 12, 2008 article titled "The Washington Post's Willing Executioner?"[5] which according to the ADL, "argued that that Jews want to exterminate American whites."[3]

Response to allegations[edit]

In response to allegations of bigotry and the promotion of racist ideology, The Occidental Observer responded that "[it rejects] labels such as 'white supremacist' or 'racist' that are routinely bestowed on assertions of white identity and interests as a means of muzzling their expression. All peoples have ethnic interests and all peoples have a legitimate right to assert their interests, to construct societies that reflect their culture, and to define the borders of their kinship group."[2]

Notable contributors[edit]


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