Occitan Republican Left

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Occitan Republican Left
President Jusèp Loís Sans Socasau
Founded August 27, 2008
Ideology Democratic socialism,
Occitan nationalism
Political position Left
Politics of Spain
Political parties

Occitan Republican Left (Occitan: Esquèrra Republicana Occitana) is an Occitanist political party in Val d'Aran comarca of Catalonia, Spain. Founded in 2008 to contest Unity of Aran (PSC section) and Aranese Democratic Convergence (CDC section) at 2011 elections for the Aranese General Council, the party acts practically as the local section of the Republican Left of Catalonia and is chaired by Jusèp Loís Sans Socasau.[1][2]

Efforts to establish ERO was started in 2005 when it was announced that a new political party in Val d'Aran shall be launched in order to challenge the ongoing UA-CDA hegemony in the comarca.[3] ERO targets to reinforce the Occitan identity of Val d'Aran within Catalonia and opposes centralism,[2] a stance backed by the statute of the Republican Left of Catalonia.[4] The party also maintains a youth organisation named Youth of the Occitan Republican Left (Joenesses de Esquèrra Republicana Occitana).[1]