Oceania Cross Country Championships

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Oceania Cross Country Championships
Sport Cross country running
Founded 2009
Continent Oceania (OAA)

The Oceania Cross Country Championships are a biennial[citation needed] Cross country running competition organized by the Oceania Athletics Association (OAA) for athletes representing the countries of its member associations. They were established in 2009, and were held together with either the Australian or New Zealand national championships. Races are featured for senior and junior (U-19) athletes.[1][2][3][4]


Year City Country Date
I 2009 Christchurch, Canterbury  New Zealand August 1
II 2010 Brisbane, Queensland  Australia August 21
III 2012 Hamilton, Waikato  New Zealand August 4
IV 2014 Nadi, Viti Levu  Fiji September 7


Complete results can be found on the OAA,[5][6] on the Athletics New Zealand,[3][4][7][8][9] and the Athletics Australia webpages.[10] Results for the juniors can be found on the World Junior Athletics History site.[11]

Men's Results[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2009 (12 km)  Timothy Rowe (AUS) 38:13  Andrew Davidson (NZL) 38:13  Edwin Henshaw (NZL) 38:25
2010 (12 km)  Martin Dent (AUS) 36:49  Liam Adams (AUS) 37:05  Jeffrey Hunt (AUS) 37:20
2012 (12 km)  James Nipperess (AUS) 39:05  Samuel Wreford (NZL) 39:36  Alex Parlane (NZL) 40:29

: Edwin Kaitany from  Kenya running as guest was 1st in 38:54.

Women's Results[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2009 (8 km)  Melinda Vernon (AUS) 28:52  Fiona Crombie (NZL) 29:07  Kellie Palmer (NZL) 30:10
2010 (8 km)  Jessica Trengove (AUS) 28:00  Clare Geraghty (AUS) 28:28  Tamara Carvolth (AUS) 28:38
2012 (8 km)  Celia Sullohern (AUS) 29:33  Mikayla Nielsen (NZL) 29:37  Nicki McFadzien (NZL) 29:43

Junior Boys' Results[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2009 (8 km)  Aaron Pulford (NZL) 26:11  Alex Parlane (NZL) 26:31  Michael Banks (NZL) 26:38
2010 (8 km)  Ethan Heywood (AUS) 25:18  David Ricketts (AUS) 25:22  Rhys Jones (AUS) 25:24
2012 (8 km)  Matt Baxter (NZL) 26:20  Antoine Bonnet (NZL) 26:30  Michael Sutton (NZL) 26:45

Junior Girls' Results[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2009 (6 km)  Hannah Newbould (NZL) 21:35  Danielle Trevis (NZL) 21:44  Olivia Burne (NZL) 22:25
2010 (6 km)  Danielle Trevis (NZL) 21:00  Grace Musgrove (AUS) 21:42  Celia Sullohern (AUS) 21:59
2012 (6 km)  Kara MacDermid (NZL) 22:42  Georgie Grgec (NZL) 23:28  Grace McConnochie (NZL) 23:36