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This is a Korean name; the family name is Ock.
Ock Joo-hyun
Birth name Ock Joo-hyun
Also known as Ock Ju-hyun,
Ock Joo-bal
Born (1980-03-20) March 20, 1980 (age 34)
Origin Seoul
Genres Pop, dance-pop
Occupations Singer, actress, model,
TV presenter, radio DJ
Years active 1998–present
Labels Asia Bridge Contents,
M.net Media,
DSP Media
Associated acts Fin.K.L
Website www.ockjuhyun.net
Ock Joo-hyun
Hangul 옥주현
Revised Romanization Ock Ju-hyeon
McCune–Reischauer Ok Chuhyŏn

Ock Joo-hyun (Hangul: 옥주현; sometimes spelled Ock Ju-hyun; born March 20, 1980) is a K-pop singer and musical theatre actress, known mostly for her role as the lead singer for the South Korean girl group Fin.K.L. After their unofficial breakup in 2002, Ock released three solo albums and has participated in musicals, namely Aida, Chicago, Cats, 42nd Street, and The Count of Montecristo.[1]


As a member of Fin.K.L[edit]

Main article: Fin.K.L

Fin.K.L debuted in 1998 with DSP Entertainment and quickly became popular, catapulting all its members into stardom. Ock served as the lead singer for Fin.K.L until it became inactive as a group in 2002; she has since taken part in Fin.K.L's digital single "Fine Killing Liberty" in fall of 2005, including filming the music video.

Solo music[edit]

Starting her solo career summer in 2003, Ock came out with a ballad called "난..." ("Nan...", meaning "I..."), which entered the top 10 of Korean music charts. By her second album, which came out late fall in 2004, the public was startled by the sudden change in appearance, as she had experienced a significant weight loss; Ock attributed to her intense yoga training. Her popularity rose and she was able to perform on various music shows for a lengthy period with her singles "Catch" and "Sweet Rainyday".

Her third album, titled Remind, was released on June 12, 2008 The first single off the album is "Honey", which is a departure from her previous singles as it incorporates R&B. She began her comeback performances the following weekend on the major TV music shows.

Her next album will be released in 2011.[dated info]

Other works[edit]

In addition to launching three albums, Ock has worked as a radiostation DJ for MBC, and as an emcee for Korean networks SBS, MBC, and KBS. She has also received an award for "Best Radio DJ" during the MBC awards of 2005. She obtained the main role in the Korean version of Tim Rice's musical Aida, starting on August 27, 2005.

Ock has also done television work as a permanent member on various variety shows. In addition to being one of the main girls on Heroine 5, she was a part of Goldfish, an MBC TV show, in 2006.

Ock has continued to further her "yoga celebrity" career, even helping to open up a yoga studio. She also released her own yoga VHS, DVD and book.

In March 2009, it was revealed that Ock would be teaching classes in music at Dong Seoul College.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Ock graduated from Kyung Hee University with Sung Yuri and Gong Yoo in February 2005. She is currently signed with Asia Bridge Contents.


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