October 21 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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Oct. 20 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - Oct. 22

Fixed commemorations[edit]

All fixed commemorations below are observed on November 3 by Old Calendarists


  • St. Hilarion the Great of Gaza (371)
  • Hieromartyr Priest Socrates and Martyr Theodote, of Ancyra (c. 230)
  • Martyrs Dasius, Gaius, and Zoticus at Nicomedia (303)
  • Saints Theophilus and James, abbots of Omutch (Pskov) (c. 1412)
  • St. Hilarion, abbot of Gdov (Pskov) (1476)
  • St. Hilarion, Schemamonk of the Kiev Caves (1067)
  • St. Philotheus of Neapolis and of Mt. Athos (14th century)
  • Saints Vissarion (Bessarion) Sarai, hieromonk, and Sophronie of Ciorara, monk, confessors, and St. Oprea of Săliște
  • New Martyr John of Monemvasia, Peloponnesus, at Larissa (1773)
  • Hiero-confessors John of Galeёs (Ioan din Galeş) and Moses (M˘acinic), priests of Sibiel (Transylvania) (18th century)
  • New Hieromartyrs Paulinus (Kroshechkin), archbishop of Mogilev; Damian (Voskresensky), archbishop of Kursk; Arcadius (Pavlovich), bishop of Ekaterinburg; priests Anatole and Nicander; and Martyr Cyprian (1937)

Other commemorations[edit]

  • Translation of the relics of St. Christodulus the Wonderworker of Patmos (1093)
  • Translation of the relics (1206) of St. Hilarion, bishop of Meglin, Bulgaria (1164)
  • Repose of Schema-archimandrite Herman (Bogdanov) (1938) and his fellow ascetic Archimandrite Sergius (Ozerov), of New Valaam in Siberia