Ode to Gallantry (film)

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Ode to Gallantry
Ode to Gallantry (film).jpg
DVD cover art
Traditional 俠客行
Simplified 侠客行
Mandarin Xiá Kè Xíng
Directed by Chang Cheh
Produced by Mona Fong
Screenplay by Chang Cheh
Ni Kuang
Story by Louis Cha
Starring Philip Kwok
Wen Hsueh-erh
Music by Eddie H. Wang
Cinematography Cho Wai-kei
Edited by Chiang Hsing-lung
Lee Yim-hoi
Shaw Brothers Studio
Distributed by Shaw Brothers Studio
Celestial Pictures
Release date(s)
  • 16 December 1982 (1982-12-16)
Running time 83 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin
Box office HK$1,013,819.00

Ode To Gallantry, also known as Hap Haak Hang, is a 1982 Hong Kong film based on Louis Cha's novel of the same title. The film was produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio, directed by Chang Cheh and starred the Venom Mob. Formerly one of the rarest Venom Mob martial arts films available, it has been digitally remastered and released by Celestial Pictures.


  • Philip Kwok as Shi Potian / Shi Zhongyu
  • Wen Hsueh-erh as Ding Dang
  • Yau Chui-ling as Shi Jian
  • Tang Ching as Shi Qing
  • Lau Wai-ling as Min Rou
  • Sun Chien as Bei Haishi
  • Wong Lik as Xie Yanke
  • Yeung Chi-hing as Ding Busan
  • Jim Sam as Bai Wanjian
  • Yeung Hung as Feng Wanli
  • Wong Wai-wai as Hua Wanzi
  • Yu Tai-ping as Zhu Hengye
  • Teresa Ha as Mei Fanggu
  • Chiang Sheng as White Tiger
  • Chu Ko as Green Dragon
  • Cheng Tien-chi as Red Bird

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