Odell Borg

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Odell Borg
Origin Patagonia, Arizona, United States
Genres Native Flute Music
Occupation(s) Flute Maker
Instruments Native Style Flute
Years active 1990–present
Labels High Spirits Music
Website www.highspirits.com

Odell Borg is a native flute maker, teacher, and record producer. He has produced records with Jan Michael 'Looking Wolf', Zach Farley, Harry Seavey, Travis Terry, and John Bear. Before making flutes, Odell was a leather craftsman and a draftsman. In 1988, Odell received his first native flute as a gift, and after a few of years playing it he began making flutes of his own.

Odell's first flute workshop began in a one-car garage in Solana Beach, California which became High Spirits Flutes.[1] Odell relocated High Spirits Flutes to Patagonia, Arizona where he continues handcrafting flutes in the traditional Native American style. High Spirits Flutes are crafted from single piece of wood, and are most often created using Aromatic Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Walnut, Birch, Madrone, Ebonized Walnut, and occasionally with Juniper and Pine.



  • How to Play Native American Flute (1995)
  • Intermediate Techniques for Native American Flutes (1995)

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