Odell Borg

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Odell Borg
Origin Patagonia, Arizona, United States
Genres Native American
Occupation(s) Flute Maker, Musician
Instruments Native American flute
Years active 1990–present
Labels High Spirits Music
Website http://www.highspirits.com

Odell Borg, of Native American (Ojibwe) and German heritage, currently living in Patagonia, Arizona, is a Native American flutist and flute maker. Odell also teaches the Native American Flute and has been a producer on several Native American flutists albums, including Travis Terry, Bill Miller and Jan Michael Looking Wolf.

Odell in the past twenty years has become an internationally known master flute maker. He has won numerous awards for his work and has been honored by many professional musicians that use his flutes for their performances and recordings as well as having the instruments displayed as sculptures and visual art pieces.


Before Odell decided to start making flutes, he had worked as a leather crafter, and jeweler. He started playing the flute in the 1980s after being given a flute as a gift, and after a few of years playing decided to begin making the instrument that brought him joy.

Odell started making flutes more than 20 years ago in a one-car garage in Southern California. Since that small beginning he has opened his company High Spirits Flutes in Patagonia AZ, which has expanded year by year and now offers over 210 different flutes of differing woods, musical keys, scales, and pitch ranges. All of the instruments are handcrafted onsite and sold both locally and internationally. Odell makes each flute from a solid piece of the domestically grown wood (instead of gluing two halves together as is common) and each flute is precision tuned to A=440 so that it will blend with other instruments. The types of wood that he uses for his flutes are aromatic cedar, spanish cedar, walnut, birch, madrone, ebonized walnut, and occasionally juniper and pine. He also produces double and triple drone flutes.

Odell has sold to clients in Germany, France, Japan and Australia, as well as musicians such as Grammy-winner Bill Miller and NAMA "Flutist of the Year" winning Native American flute players Jan Michael Looking Wolf and Cody Blackbird. High Spirits also offers specialized flutes tuned to scales common in certain cultures like scales for Middle Eastern, Japanese, Minor Pentatonic (Native Scale), Major Pentatonic and Diatonic music.

Odell Borg has been an artist craftsman for many years specializing in jewelry and leather craftsmanship prior to making flutes. Being of European and Chippewa descent, Odell developed a deep respect for the Native American culture and the gifts that they have to share, which is reflected in the design and craftsmanship of his fine musical instruments.

Odell has also taught the Native American Flute to many people over the years, and has come out with instructional DVD's. "How to Play" Native American Flute and Native American Flute Intermediate Instruction, both of which are available on his website.

Odell has also produced several Native American Flutists albums through his websites music label High Spirits Music. He has also collaborated on the albums as well. The flutists he has worked with include Travis Terry, Jan Michael Looking Wolf and John Bear.

Unlike other Native American Flute makers, Odell sells Native American style flutes. Odell's father did not register with the government. So the flutes can not be called Native American flutes, even though Odell is of native american heritage.


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