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Odor Eaters is a brand of foot-care products, especially shoe insoles and foot powder. The brand is manufactured by Blistex Inc.. Herbert Lapidus invented the namesake insoles in the early 1970s. The insoles consist of latex and activated carbon, which is known for its odor-neutralizing qualities.[1]

The brand was originally developed by Johnson's, owners of the Johnson's Foot Soap brand. Johnson's was acquired by Combe Incorporated, which sold its foot care business to Blistex Inc. in January 2011.

Since 1988 Combe has sponsored the Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneakers Contest, which was begun by a Massachusetts shoe store in 1975 as a gimmick to sell shoes. Currently the national contest is held in Montpelier, VT on the first day of spring.

Odor Eaters socks were produced under license by Chipman-Union, Union Point, GA from 1981-2001. The socks were designed with an odor inhibiting agent that was wash fast. They were distributed in Kmart and Walmart, but were dropped from distribution in 2001. In addition to the men's line, they produced a line of socks for boys' under the Sneaker Tamers name.


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