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Map showing the location of the Oeste subregion
Façade of the headquarters of the Comunidade Intermunicipal do Oeste (originally Associação de Municípios do Oeste), showing the names of the member municipalities. Rio Maior was a member when the photo was taken.

Oeste, (Portuguese for "West") is a NUTS 3 sub-region (Portuguese: sub-região) of the NUTS 2 Centro Region of Portugal. The sub-region is coterminous with the Comunidade Intermunicipal do Oeste (Intermunicipal Community of the West).[1] The sub-region has an area of 2,214.8 km² (2003 updated statistics) and a population of 353,050 (2005 statistics).


The twelve municipalities of the sub-region and the intermunicipal community are:

As of 2003, the twelve municipalities contain a total of 121 parishes. The largest cities are Caldas da Rainha (30,000), Torres Vedras (25,000) and Peniche (16,000). It is a region famous for its fruits and vegetables production, namely the famous pêra rocha variety.


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