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Origin Torella dei Lombardi
Mouth Adriatic Sea, near Barletta
Basin countries Italy
Length 170 km
Source elevation 715 m
Mouth elevation 0
Avg. discharge 15 m3/s
Basin area 2,780 km²

The Ofanto, known in ancient times as Aufidus, is a 170 km river in southern Italy. which flows through the regions of Campania, Basilicata and Puglia, and into the Adriatic Sea near Barletta. Near Canosa di Puglia there is an ancient Roman bridge known all over the south of Italy.


Its source is Irpinia Plateau to 715 m above sea level, below the plane of the Angel, near Avellino. Throughout parts of Campania and Basilicata, then rolling mainly in Puglia. Flows into the Adriatic Sea, near Barletta. At the end of its course, the Ofanto ends with a mouth on the delta, although rapid retreat to an estuary. The Ofanto has a torrential regime markedly with major floods in autumn and winter rainfall in summer and low flows remarkable. In spite then of considerable length and extent of its basin average flow at the mouth is quite low (less than 15 cubic meters per second)


Coordinates: 41°21′N 16°13′E / 41.350°N 16.217°E / 41.350; 16.217