Off Pedder

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Off Pedder
Off Pedder.jpg
Genre Comedy
Starring Teresa Mo
Elaine Jin
Wayne Lai
Elvina Kong
Wong Cho Lam
Aimee Chan
Joyce Cheng
Stephen Au
Tsui Wing
Ivan Ho
Ng Kwun Lai
Chan Hung Lit
Theme music composer Mozart
Opening theme "Mozart's Serenade No. 13"
Ending theme "無人完美" (No One is Perfect) by
Joyce Cheng
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 337
Producer(s) TVB
Location(s) Hong Kong
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel TVB Jade
Picture format 16:9 1080i (HDTV)
Original run October 20, 2008  – February 12, 2010
Related shows Best Selling Secrets
Some Day
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Off Pedder
Traditional Chinese 畢打自己人
Simplified Chinese 畢打自己人

Off Pedder (Traditional Chinese: 畢打自己人) is a TVB modern drama series broadcast since October 2008 and ended on 12 February 2010.

The sitcom is about office politics in a magazine company, as well as family and romantic relationships amongst the characters, with the majority of the cast from Best Selling Secrets.[1]


Chao (潮) Magazine is part of the Gambo Corporation, and has its offices on Pedder Street in Hong Kong (thus giving rise to the name of the series). The show centres on the politics of the Chao (潮) and Gambo office, and the lives of the characters who work in this office.

Central to the plot are Yan Seung (Teresa Mo), who takes up a position early on in the series as editor of Chao (潮). The initial plot focused on her rivalry with the Head of Sales, Susan Ka So-Shan (Elaine Jin). As more characters were introduced, the plot expanded to focus on Yim Yue Tai (Stephen Au) and Yu Ka Sing (Wayne Lai). How will these four individuals affect Pedder Street and who will become the ultimate leader of Chao (潮) Magazine...?


Chao (潮) Magazine[edit]

Editorial Department[edit]

Cast Role Description
Teresa Mo Yan Seung (Ivy)
Age 38
Chao Magazine Chief Editor
Yan Dai-Dak's daughter.
Yim Yue-Tai's ex-wife.
Bao Kwok-Yan's landlady
Aimee Chan Chan Bo Lai (Paula)
Age 23
Chao Magazine Reporter
Undercover agent
Jim Tang So Tung Wo (Gary)
Age 25
Chao Magazine Reporter
Joyce Cheng Yu Lok Yee (Joyce)
Age 23
Chao Magazine Sales Clerk
Yu Ka-Sing's younger sister.

Transferred to Editorial Department in episode 111

Wong Cho Lam Tang Lai Kwan
Age 25
Chao Magazine Reporter Trainee
Leaves for Switzerland in episode 253

Sales and Marketing Department[edit]

Cast Role Description
Wayne Lai Yu Ka Sing
Age 42
Chao Magazine Director
Yu Lok-Yee's older brother.
Yan Seung's husband
Undercover Agent
Elvina Kong Gam Yiu Kin
Age 33
Chao Magazine Sales Department Secretary
Leaves in episode 107 with Richard to Brunei to be his secretary
Returns to her old position in episode 129 after arbitrarily resigning her position with Richard.
Bao Kwok-Yan's lover
Raymond Chiu (趙永洪) Mok Dik Ko (Marco)
Age 29
Chao Magazine Sales Clerk
Yip Chee Yeou's (Suki's) boyfriend
Tsui Wing (徐榮) Bao Kwok Yan
Age 37
Chao Magazine Assistant Chief Editor
Truck Driver
Transferred to Sales Department in episode 113
Gam Yiu-Kin's boyfriend
Celine Ma (馬蹄露) Lee Yee Kam
Gam Bor (金波) Corporation Accounting Clerk
Ko Wai-Ling's cousin.
Gam Yiu-Kin's good friend

Design Department[edit]

Cast Role Description
Law Tin Chi (羅天池) Lu So Oak
Chao Magazine" Design Department Head.
Lemon's Boyfriend.

Kam Bo (金波) Corporation[edit]

Cast Role Description
Chan Hung Lit
(Died during production)
Yim Hei (Joe)
Age 66
Kam Bor (金波) Corporation President
Yim Yue-Tai's father.
Wong Lai-Mei's foster father.
Died during his business trip to USA (Episode 310)
Stephen Au Yim Yu Tai
Age 44
Gam Bor (金波) Corporation Vice President
Chao (潮) Magazine Photographer
Yim Hei's son.
Wong Lai-Mei's stepbrother.
Yan Seung's ex-husband.
Florence Kwok Wong Lai Mei (Tina)
Age 34
Kam Bor (金波) Corporation Vice-President
Yim Hei's foster daughter.
Yim Yue-Tai's stepsister.
Elaine Jin Ka So San (Susan)
Age 46
Chao Magazine ex Sales Manager
Later becomes Kam Bor (金波) Corporation shareholder.
Lau Kong Luk Wan Ting
Kam Bor (金波) Corporation shareholder.
Chairman of Luk Gao Kam (六舊金) Corporation
Ka So-Shan's boyfriend.
Father of Luk Bing Bing.
Lee Yee Man (李綺雯) Luk Bing Bing (Icy)
Age 24
Chao Magazine ex Sales Clerk

Left in episode 127 to study at Tsinghua University in Beijing, after meeting David Yeung on Lamma Island
Appearance in episode 300

Chang Tse Sheng Chow Ching Ming (Ryan)
Former American businessman.
Legal Counsel of Kam Bor (金波) Corporation.
Personal Assistant of Wong Lai-Mei.
Yvonne Ho (何綺雲) Mak Chau Kuen (June)
Yim Hei's secretary.
Queenie Chu Ko Ling
Wong Lai Ming's secretary.
Lee Yee-Kam's cousin.
Zoey Sham (岑潔儀) Apple Kam Bor (金波) Corporation Richard's secretary; replaces Kin in episode 107 as Chao magazine secretary; then becomes Herman's secretary upon Kin's return in episode 129. Herman's girlfriend.
Helena Wong (黃卓慧) Mango Kam Bor (金波) Corporation secretary.
Karen Lee(李焯寧) Lemon Kam Bor (金波) Corporation Yim Yu Tai's secretary.
Lo So Oak's girlfriend.

Yip (葉氏) Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Yu Chi Ming (餘子明) Yip Sing Kuen
Ben And Suki's Father.
Gam Bor (金波) Corporation shareholder.
Geoffrey Wong (黃子雄) Yip Bun (Ben)
Gam Bor (金波) Corporation shareholder.
Yip Sing Kuen's Son.
Wong Lai-Mei's Boyfriend.
Suki's Big Brother.
Lily Ho (何傲兒) Yip Chee Yeou (Suki)
Charity Club Holder.
Yip Bun's Sister.
Mok Dik-Ko's Girlfriend

Happy Bar[edit]

Cast Role Description
Ivan Ho (何守信) Yan Dai Dak (George)
Age 58
Happy Bar (好玩吧) Owner/Bartender
Yan Seung's father.
Gregory Lee (李泳豪) Alex Happy Bar (好玩吧) Bartender
Mikako Leung (梁珈詠) Cheung Wai-Miu
Happy Bar (好玩吧) Bartender

Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Ng Kwun Lai (吳君麗) Chung Wan Gai-Ho
Age 60
Yu Lok-Yee and Yu Ka-Sing's aunt.
Yan Seung's maid.
Wu Fung Wu Fung-soul/Chung Tao-chun
Chung Wan Gai-Ho's husband
Susan Tse Chow Fung-yee
Yan Sheung's mother
Joyce Koi (蓋鳴暉) Chan Tak Hei (Linda)
Yu Ka-Sing's friend.
Lo Chun Shun (魯振順) Sung Lei-Chung
Bao(暴) Magazine Editor
Chao (潮) Magazine Ex-Sales Manager
Mary Hon Law Suet-sin
Yim Hei's childhood crush.
Owner of a Peking Opera studio.
Ching Hor Wai Luk See-hing
Superior Officer of Chan Bo-Lai.
Chuk Man Kwan Regional Manager of Brand Name Boutique.
Raymond Cho Heung Chong-yan (Chris)
Former Professional CPR Trainer.
Medical Doctor
Gam Yiu-Kin's former boyfriend.
Lee Kwok Lun
Yu Kam-tim
Former Chief Financial Officer of Kam Bor (金波) Corporation
Felix Lok So Si-fu
Gary So's father
Rosanne Lui Chan Cho
Gary So's mother
Chow Chung
Yim Ying
Yim Hei's elder brother

Production notes[edit]

  • On November 24, 2009, actor Chan Hung Lit had a heart attack after filming an episode. He was transported to the Tseung Kwan O Hospital where he died at 7:11 p.m. at the age of 66
  • On November 24, 2009 before airing episode 279, there was a ten second black and white tribute clip for Chan with the captions, "親愛的鴻烈大哥 謝謝您的一切 我們永遠懷念您" ("Dearest Brother Hung Lit. Thank you for everything. We will always miss you.").
  • On November 26, 2009, TVB held a meeting and decided Chan's character "Yim Hei" would die of a heart attack like Chan did in real life.
  • On December 8, 2009, production was halted for the cast to attend Chan Hung Lit's funeral.
  • On January 6, 2010, the tribute episode 310 for Chan entitled "我們的大閆生" ("Our Mr. Yim") was aired.
  • On January 7, 2010, Chan Hung Lit was removed from the title sequence.

Award nominations[edit]

TVB Anniversary Awards (2009)

  • Most Improved Actress (Aimee Chan)


  • Best Drama
  • Best Actress (Teresa Mo) Top 5
  • Best Supporting Actor (Stephen Au) Top 15
  • Best Supporting Actor (Tsui Wing) Top 15
  • My Favourite Female Character (Teresa Mo) Top 5
  • Most Improved Actor (Raymond Chiu) Top 5
  • Most Improved Actor (Jim Tang) Top 5
  • Most Improved Actress (Queenie Chu) Top 5

14th Asian Television Awards (2009) Nominated


Minpao Weekly Awards 2010 Nominated

  • Most Outstanding Actor: Wayne Lai for Yu Ka Sing

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