Off Season

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This article is about the TV film. For the film, see Off Season (film). For the novel, see Off Season (novel).
Off Season
Directed by Bruce Davison
Produced by Rose Lam
Written by Glenn Gers
Starring Sherilyn Fenn
Rory Culkin
Music by Daniel Licht
Cinematography Tony Westman
Edited by Tatiana S. Riegel
Release dates
16 December 2001
Running time
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Off Season is a 2001 television film directed by Bruce Davison, and starring Sherilyn Fenn, Rory Culkin, Hume Cronyn, Adam Arkin, and Bruce Davison. It is about a presumably disturbed little boy (Culkin) who has been orphaned, and who comes to believe that a local guest (Cronyn) who is staying at the hotel at which the boy's aunt works is actually Santa Claus.


After the death of his parents in a car crash, Jackson Mayhew (Culkin) is sent to live with his aunt who works in a hotel. He comes across an elderly gentleman named Sam who convinces Jackson that he is Santa Claus. A police officer eventually discovers that "Santa" is a con-artist wanted in several states for grand theft, fraud and other crimes But eventually Patty (Fenn) discovers that the officer was an actor who was hired by Sam to pretend that he was a criminal. The story ends when Jackson discovers that his psychiatrist was the real Santa Claus.

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