off our backs

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For the MEN song, see Off Our Backs (song).
off our backs
Off our backs.png
Type Quarterly newspaper / bimonthly magazine
Format Tabloid
Founder(s) Norma Lesser
Colette Reid
Heidi Steffens
Marilyn Webb
Marlene Wicks
Founded 1970
Language English
Ceased publication 2008
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
ISSN 0030-0071
OCLC number 1038241

The American periodical off our backs (oob) took a radical feminist point of view. It began publishing on February 27, 1970, with a twelve-page tabloid first issue. The editors later[when?] adapted it into a bimonthly magazine.

off our backs was edited and published by a collective of women who practiced consensus decision-making. Marilyn Webb, Heidi Steffens, Marlene Wicks, Colette Reid, and Norma Lesser formed the original off our backs collective.[1] The staff later[when?] consisted of Carol Anne Douglas, Amaya Roberson, Sherri Whatley, Laura Butterbaugh, Farar Elliott, Angie Manzano, Karla Mantilla, Jennie Ruby, Jenn Smith, Alice Henry, and Angie Young.[2]

Off our backs was last published in 2008

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