Ofin River

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Coordinates: 6°40′0″N 2°10′0″W / 6.66667°N 2.16667°W / 6.66667; -2.16667
Ofin River
Country Ghana
Mouth Pra River
 - coordinates 6°40′0″N 2°10′0″W / 6.66667°N 2.16667°W / 6.66667; -2.16667
Length 10 km (6 mi)

The Ofin River is an easterly-flowing waterway in Ghana. It flows through the Tano Ofin Reserve in Ghana's Atwima Mponua District.[1]

The Ofin riverbed is 90 metres above mean sea level. The Ofin has cut steep side channels, average depth 12–15 metres, into the rolling terrain over which it flows.[1]

The Ofin and the Pra rivers form the boundary between Ghana's Ashanti region and Central region. Dunkwa-on-Offin is a major town on the river.[1]

Gold is mined from the river's sediment. Native species include the clarias agboyiensis, a benign type of airbreathing catfish.[2]