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Og de Souza is a professional skateboarder from Olinda, Brazil.[1] He is notable from other skateboarders in that he skateboards using only his hand. After contracting polio at a young age his legs stopped developing and Oggy originally learned to skateboard as a way to get around, much like most people use a wheel chair. Many years of skateboarding under his belt, Og started around 1988,[2] Souza began to incorporate the tricks of his contemporaries in his skateboarding, having to adapt them all to be done using the arms in a sitting position on the board.

Og de Souza is a contemporary of skateboarder Bob Burnquist. Burnquist features Og in the documentary "The Reality of Bob Burnquist." As Burnquist puts it, Souza became a skateboarder "to get from point A to point B."


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