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Ogg Writ is a text-phrase codec used with the Ogg encapsulation format.

It was initially designed to provide subtitles for Ogg Theora videos, but is also useful for song lyrics with Ogg FLAC or Vorbis, transcripts with Ogg Speex, or any other place where it is useful to combine text with audio or video.

Unlike most subtitle formats which are in separate files from the audio/video content, Ogg Writ is mixed with audio/video streams so that it can be delivered as one file.

Its design makes it easy to extend with new features. It currently supports multiple languages and specific placement of the text in one or more windows.

As of early 2008, it is not being maintained anymore. It is semi-usable, but its use is cautioned.

Two other possible replacement codecs for timed text in Ogg are CMML and Kate.

Kate is quickly turning into the standard text encoding format for Ogg with support for srt and other time-aligned text formats.

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