Ogof Craig a Ffynnon

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Ogof Craig a Ffynnon
Speleothems in Hall of the Mountain King
Location South Wales
Coordinates 51°48′32″N 3°07′58″W / 51.8090°N 3.1328°W / 51.8090; -3.1328Coordinates: 51°48′32″N 3°07′58″W / 51.8090°N 3.1328°W / 51.8090; -3.1328
Length 7 kilometres (4 mi)
Access Mynydd Llangatwg Cave Management and Advisory Committee
Translation Rock and Fountain Cave (Welsh)

Ogof Craig a Ffynnon (Welsh for "Rock and Fountain Cave") is a cave in Wales. The cave is about 7 km in length (but often claimed to be about 13 km in length because someone thought it was 7 miles long and wrongly converted to kilometers without looking at the survey[citation needed]).

The cave is renowned as one of the most well-decorated caves in wales.

The cave contains some early short crawling sections (and what is known as an arduous and uncomfortable boulder choke) and some wet passages with voluminous quantities of mud before developing into a series of large sections lavishly decorated with mud and calcite formations. The most spectacular of these is the Hall of the Mountain King, a large cavern liberally adorned with flowstone.

Beyond the well-decorated section the cave continues in a long series of low passages. It is thought that the cave will eventually be connected to the theoretical Llangattock System through Ogof y Daren Cilau[citation needed].

Since November 2004, access to the cave has been controlled by the Mynydd Llangatwg Cave Management and Advisory Committee (this means a key must be obtained to gain access through the door).

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