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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Uncanny X-Men #28 (January 1967)
Created by Roy Thomas & Werner Roth
In-story information
Alter ego Brian Dunlap
Team affiliations Factor Three
Abilities Mechanical genius

Ogre is a fictional character of the Marvel Comics Universe.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Ogre was originally an operative of the mutant terrorist organization Factor Three.[volume & issue needed] However he had no mutant powers, and he used an explosive helmet to blackmail Banshee who soon battled the original X-Men.[1]

When Factor Three disbanded, Ogre remained behind in Mount Charteris (outside Burton Canyon, Colorado), one of their many mountain bases. Over the years the base was occupied by HYDRA, the Sons of the Serpent, August Masters and the Masters of Evil (led by the second Crimson Cowl). When Moonstone was held prisoner by the Masters of Evil, Ogre slipped a key into her room which released her from her shackles. This helped Moonstone and the Thunderbolts defeat the Masters.[volume & issue needed]

Hawkeye, the new leader of the Thunderbolts, suggested that they keep Mount Charteris as their own headquarters. As time passed, the Thunderbolts began to notice strange things happening in their headquarters. Atlas's damaged costume was repaired.[volume & issue needed] A hover vehicle Hawkeye borrowed from the Champions was renovated overnight.[volume & issue needed] The team began to realize someone was hiding in the unexplored levels of Mount Charteris and began to investigate.[volume & issue needed]

After a brief skirmish with the Thunderbolts, Atlas convinced Ogre that they meant him no harm. The Ogre recounted his story and Hawkeye offered Ogre membership.[volume & issue needed] Soon after, the Thunderbolts went back to their part of the mountain base and Ogre was knocked unconscious by Techno, a former member of the Thunderbolts. Techno had Ogre placed in a cryogenic sleep.[volume & issue needed] Techno then morphed his appearance so he would resemble Ogre and took his place on the team.[volume & issue needed]

For months Techno pretended to be Ogre, causing mischief amongst his former teammates. When Techno was seemingly destroyed by Scourge saving Jolt (who had also been in cryogenic sleep), Ogre was released.[volume & issue needed]

Soon after, it was revealed that Ogre had his own cryogenic prisoner that he had been holding captive for several years. Sonny Baredo, a.k.a. Humus Sapien, was kidnapped by Factor Three years earlier, but it was decided he was too dangerous to be released. When the Thunderbolts disbanded the Redeemers and S.H.I.E.L.D. took over operation of Mount Charteris.[volume & issue needed] A resurrected Techno, now in a human body, began to investigate and released Humus Sapien. Mount Charteris was destroyed as a result.[volume & issue needed] The Redeemers fought Humus Sapien and discovered that every time he used his powers, someone else on Earth died. Eventually Humus Sapien decided to leave Earth through an extra-dimensional tesseract rather than endanger innocents. Ogre chose to leave Earth with Humus Sapien, in part to redeem his part in keeping Humus Sapien prisoner.[2]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Ogre appears to have an increased level of engineering and scientific knowledge beyond the current level of technology, including the design and creation of weapons systems and vehicles. He carries various weapons of his own design, such as particle blasters and lasers.


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