Ogtay Aghayev

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Ogtay Aghayev
Born 1935
Origin Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan
Died November 14, 2006
Occupations Singer, actor

Ogtay Aghayev (Azerbaijani: Oqtay Ağayev)– was a Soviet, Azerbaijani variety singer and People's Artist of Azerbaijan.[1]


Ogtay Aghayev was born in 1935, in Baku. In 1953, he entered Asaf Zeynally Music School in Baku. By 1958, he began to perform in Gaya Quartet. Later he became a soloist at Azerbaijan State Estrada Orchestra led by Rauf Hajiyev. In 1962, he performed at the State Kremlin Palace with this orchestra. Ogtay Aghayev also performed in tours in countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and also in all republics of the former USSR.[2]

He performed songs to films such as “Find that girl”, “Struggle in the mountains”, “Bread divided in equal parts” and etc. Besides that, he also was shot as Melik Babanov – head of the NKVD - in “Japan and Japanese” film by Vagif Mustafayev. Ogtay Aghayev was also a laureate of “Humay” Prize.[3]

Ogtay Aghayev died in Baku on November 14, 2006.


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