Oh! Gravity. Tour

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Oh! Gravity. Tour
Tour by Switchfoot
Associated album Oh! Gravity.
Start date October 17, 2006
End date September 1, 2007
Legs 4
Shows 81
Switchfoot concert chronology
Nothing Is Sound Tour
Oh! Gravity. Tour
Appetite for Construction Tour

The Oh! Gravity. Tour is a 2007 concert tour by the alternative rock band Switchfoot, held in order to promote their sixth studio album, Oh! Gravity. The tour began in Utrecht, Netherlands on January 31 and ended in Saint Joseph, Missouri on April 17. During the 77 day tour, the band performed in nineteen states, six provinces in Canada, and three countries in Europe, plus several shows in the United Kingdom. The tour was depicted in one live concert film, Live at the Ventura Theatre, which was shot during the North American leg of the tour.

Set list[edit]

For the North American leg of the tour, Switchfoot brought pop/rock band Copeland as the opening act. They usually played a 45 minute to 1 hour long set, before Switchfoot took the stage to play a 2-hour long set.

Switchfoot's hit song Stars from their Nothing Is Sound album was the staple opener for the vast majority of the shows. The Oh! Gravity. Tour also marked the first time the band played the songs "Faust, Midas, and Myself" and "4:12," both from the album "Oh! Gravity.," live. Usually, Switchfoot ended their set, as in past tours, with an encore, playing their smash hit single "Dare You to Move". The band kept a diary called the "Daily Foot" on their website to document each show of the tour. The entries included each show's set list.

Switchfoot is known for their efforts to keep in touch with their fans and bring them alongside the process of writing, recording, releasing and playing an album. In the Oh! Gravity. Tour, the band took this a step further by allowing fans to vote on the set list.[1] They also allowed people to vote for non-Switchfoot songs, promising to "learn it if we can (Jon)" and play them in their live shows.

Live show bootlegs[edit]

On February 9, 2006, Tim Foreman talked about the possibility of releasing CDs of every show Switchfoot does during the Oh! Gravity. Tour.

"Another thing that we've never done before: sell bootlegs of a few songs from the show at the end of the night. See for a lot of us, the end of the night comes too soon. This way, you could actually be listening to the show in your car on the way home from the gig! So we're still trying to figure this one out logistically, but where there's a will there's a way."

Switchfoot began selling these "live" CDs at the House of Blues on February 13. Each night they made 100 CDs available, but the songs have been circulated through the world wide web with greater distribution, thanks to the band-approved website, switchfootbootlegs.com.

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
North America
October 17, 2006 Bakersfield, California United States Fox Theater
October 18, 2006 Los Angeles, California The Roxy
October 19, 2006 Sacramento, California Crest Theatre
October 20, 2006 Portland, Oregon Crystal Ballroom
October 21, 2006 Boise, Idaho The Big Easy
October 23, 2006 Denver, Colorado Ogden Theater
October 25, 2006 Chicago, Illinois Metro Smart Bar
October 26, 2005 Minneapolis, Minnesota Trocaderos
October 27, 2006 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Rave
October 28, 2006 St. Louis, Missouri The Pageant
October 30, 2006 Columbus, Ohio Newport Music Hall
November 1, 2006 Holland, Michigan Hope College
November 2, 2006 Detroit, Michigan Saint Andrew's Hall
November 3, 2006 Cleveland, Ohio Agora Theatre
November 4, 2006 Lancaster, Pennsylvania The Chameleon Club
November 5, 2006 Scranton, Pennsylvania Tinks
November 7, 2006 Norfolk, Virginia Norva Theatre
November 8, 2006 New York City, New York Irving Plaza
November 10, 2006 Charlotte, North Carolina Tremont Music Hall
November 11, 2006 Jacksonville Beach, Florida Freebird Live
November 12, 2006 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Revolution
November 13, 2006 Lake Buena Vista, Florida House of Blues
November 14, 2006 Atlanta, Georgia The Roxy
November 16, 2006 Nashville, Tennessee War Memorial Auditorium
November 17, 2006 Little Rock, Arkansas The Village
November 18, 2006 Tulsa, Oklahoma Cain's Ballroom
November 20, 2006 Albuquerque, New Mexico Sunshine Theatre
November 21, 2006 Tempe, Arizona Marquee Theatre
November 22, 2006 Las Vegas, Nevada House of Blues
January 31, 2007 Utrecht Netherlands
February 1, 2007 Hamburg Germany
February 2, 2007 Silkeborg Denmark
February 3, 2007 Minden Germany
February 4, 2007 Frankfurt
February 5, 2007 London England
February 6, 2007
February 7, 2007 Swansea Wales
February 8, 2007 Perth Scotland
February 9, 2007 Bradford England
North America
February 13, 2007 Anaheim, California United States
February 14, 2007 San Francisco, California
February 15, 2007 Medford, Oregon
February 16, 2007 Eugene, Oregon
February 17, 2007 Spokane, Washington
February 18, 2007 Seattle, Washington
February 19, 2007 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
February 21, 2007 Calgary, Alberta
February 22, 2007 Edmonton, Alberta
February 23, 2007 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
February 24, 2007 Winnipeg, Manitoba
February 26, 2007 Thunder Bay, Ontario
February 28, 2007 Toronto, Ontario The Kool Haus
March 1, 2007 London, Ontario
March 2, 2007 Ottawa, Ontario
March 3, 2007 Montreal, Quebec
March 6, 2007 Burlington, Vermont United States
March 7, 2007 Boston, Massachusetts
March 8, 2007 Providence, Rhode Island
March 9, 2007 Hartford, Connecticut
March 10, 2007 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 11, 2007 Baltimore, Maryland
March 13, 2007 Albany, New York
March 14, 2007 Buffalo, New York
March 15, 2007 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
March 16, 2007 Cincinnati, Ohio
March 17, 2007 Charleston, South Carolina
March 18, 2007 Asheville, North Carolina
March 19, 2007 Columbia, South Carolina
March 22, 2007 New Orleans, Louisiana
March 23, 2007 Houston, Texas
March 24, 2007 Austin, Texas
March 25, 2007 Dallas, Texas
March 26, 2007 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
March 28, 2007 Tucson, Arizona
March 29, 2007 Ventura, California
March 30, 2007 Los Angeles, California
March 31, 2007 San Diego, California
April 14, 2007 Knoxville, Tennessee
April 16, 2007 Springfield, Missouri
April 17, 2007 Saint Joseph, Missouri
September 1, 2007 Sydney Australia
September 7, 2007 Adelaide


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