Oh! That Wife of Mine

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Oh! That Wife of Mine
Ah! Afti i gynaika mou
Αχ αυτή η γυναίκα μου
Directed by Giorgos Skalenakis
Produced by Nikos Tsiforos
Polyvios Vassiliadis
Starring Aliki Vougiouklaki
Dimitris Papamichail
Giannis Mihalopoulos
Sapfo Notara
Music by Mimis Plessas
Distributed by Damaskinos-Mihailidis
Release dates
Running time
105 minutes
Country Greece
Language Greek

Oh! That Wife of Mine (Greek: Αχ αυτή η γυναίκα μου Ah! Afti i gynaika mou) is a 1967 Greek film based on the same named theatrical work of Nikos Tsiforos and was directed by Nikos Tsiforos and Polyvios Vassiliadis.


A good employee (Papamichail) has dinner with his supervisor (Michalopoulos), hoping for a fast promotion. But things start to turn bad as his wife (Vougioyklaki) accidentally fights with his boss inside a taxi which both claimed urgently (because of the heavy rain). The result is freakish consequences with comical results. The film is famous since it contains humorous situations, catchy lines, and wonderful performances (especially from Sapfo Notara and Giorgos Michalopoulos).


Actor Role
Aliki Vougiouklaki Nina
Dimitris Papamichail Dimitris
Giannis Mihalopoulos Harilaos
Sapfo Notara Xeni
Maria Konstantarou Asimina
Despina Stylianopoulou widow
Vassilis Malouhos Stathis
Kostas Spiliopoulos -
Giorgos Tsaoussis Faidon
Maro Gavriliotou maid
Ilias Lymbterakis -


  • Year of release: 1967
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Colour: Black and white
  • Tickets 428,079


The film was presented at the 1967 Thessaloniki Film Festival.

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