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This article is about the surname. For other uses, see O (disambiguation).
Revised Romanization O
McCune–Reischauer O

O or Oh is a romanization of a number of East Asian surnames.


O (Hangul: ) is the Korean form of the Chinese surname Wu (Hanja: ).


Ō (Hiragana: おう, わう) is the Japanese form of the Chinese surname Wang (Kanji: ). Most Japanese with this surname are ethnic Chinese.[citation needed]


During both the 1990 and year 2000 US Censuses, fewer than 100 people in the United States had the name O, but Oh was ranked as the 3,508th most common surname in 1990 and the 2,477th most common surname in 2000.[1] Using a single-letter surname may cause various bureaucratic and social difficulties, as many computer programs cannot deal with such names because they are designed to require a minimum of two or three letters, while people may assume that a single letter is only an abbreviation rather than the complete surname; in 1991, The New York Times wrote an article about one Korean American man surnamed O who ended up changing the spelling of his name to Oh to get around these problems.[2]

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