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LGA and Town
Ohafia is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 5°37′N 7°50′E / 5.617°N 7.833°E / 5.617; 7.833Coordinates: 5°37′N 7°50′E / 5.617°N 7.833°E / 5.617; 7.833
Country  Nigeria
State Abia State
 • Ethnicities Igbo
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
Postcode 442...

Ohafia is a Clan and local government area in Abia State, Nigeria. It is an Igbo speaking region. The ancestral capital of Ohafia is the centrally located village of Elu. But the Administrative Headquarters of the then Arochukwu/Ohafia and now Ohafia Local Government Area is EBEM OHAFIA. Other clans comprising the Ohafia LGA include Abiriba and Nkporo.[1]

The ancestors of the Ohafia people were renowned as mighty warriors.[1][citation needed] This aspect of the Ohafia peoples history remains fundamental to the Ohafia people's sense of identity. The warrior's cap or "leopard cap" (Igbo: Okpu agu)[1] is well known and is an associated product of Ohafia. The Ohafia warrior tradition is embodied in the performance of Iri agha.[1]

Ohafia is home to the third largest military base in Nigeria, named Goodluck Jonathan Barracks. It houses the headquarters of the newly established 14 Brigade and 145 Battalion office complex


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