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State Route 161 marker

State Route 161
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length: 57.804 mi[3] (93.027 km)
Existed: 1924[1] – present
Big Darby Plains Scenic Byway[2]
Major junctions
West end: SR 29 in Mutual
East end: SR 37 near Alexandria
Counties: Champaign, Union, Madison, Franklin, Licking
Highway system
SR 160 SR 162
Along State Route 161 just east of its intersection with Interstate 71

State Route 161 (SR 161) is an east–west state highway in central Ohio. Its western terminus is in Mutual at State Route 29 and its eastern terminus is near Alexandria at State Route 37. It is 57.46 miles (92.47 km) long. State Route 161 passes through Columbus, Ohio's capital, and a variety of towns including Plain City, Dublin, and New Albany.

The route was established in 1924 to connect Plain City and Dublin. It was later expanded to cover Mutual and Granville. Parts of SR 161 in Dublin and New Albany were upgraded to a freeway in 1969 and 1997.

Route description[edit]

SR 161 starts off in Mutual as Milford Road, at a T-intersection at SR 29.[4] The road turns northeast and later meets SR 559 and Bullard Rutan Road in a 5 point intersection.[5] Two miles later, a concurrency begins with SR 4.[4] One mile later, the concurrency ends with SR 4 continuing to move north. About five miles later, SR 38 starts a very short concurrency at Chuckery.[6] After Chuckery, SR 38 splits off. There would be no more major intersections until SR 161 has reached Plain City, as it meets U.S. Route 42 (US 42).[6] SR 161 goes through Madison and a small section of Franklin County without major intersections.[7][8] In Union County, it meets US 33 and Post Road in an interchange. SR 161 goes on the freeway and starts a concurrency.[6][9] The concurrency goes back to Franklin County and into Dublin.[8] In Dublin, the freeway has interchanges with Avery–Muirfield Drive and Interstate 270 (I-270). The freeway becomes an at-grade highway as it meets Post Road again.[8]

The road goes into Dublin downtown and has intersections with SR 745 and SR 257. At SR 257, US 33 splits off and the concurrency ends. After that, there are no more major intersections until SR 161 reaches Worthington, as it meets SR 315 in a diamond interchange, and US 23 at an at-grade intersection.[8][9] After the intersection at US 23, SR 161 enters Columbus.[9] There is an intersection with SR 710 and an interchange with I-71.[8] Three miles later, in Minerva Park, SR 161 becomes a limited access freeway. The first exit is SR 3, a partial cloverleaf interchange with service roads. A mile later, SR 161 re-enters Columbus and meets I-270 again in a modified cloverleaf interchange.[8][10] There is a SPUI-parclo hybrid interchange at Sunbury Road, and an incomplete interchange for Little Turtle Way, a half of a diamond interchange. The next two interchanges, Hamilton Road and New Albany Road, uses diamond interchanges.[8][9] SR 161 enters New Albany, and has two interchanges with US 62,[9] in Franklin County, and Beech Road, in Licking County.[8][11] Then it exits New Albany and enters St. Albans Township. In the township, SR 161 has two diamond interchanges with SR 310 and SR 37. SR 161 ends at SR 37.[11] SR 161 is part of the Big Darby Plains scenic byway. The parts of the route that are included in the byway are from Homer Road to Rosedale Road and from Kramer Road to US 33.[2]


SR 161 was designated in 1924, as a connection from Plain City to Dublin. Its east end was a junction with SR 21, five miles (8.0 km) west of Dublin.[1] It was later expanded to include an unnumbered section between Mutual and Plain City, and Dublin and Granville.[12] In 1938, a concurrency from five miles (8.0 km) west of Dublin to the city itself was changed from SR 31 to US 33.[13] Much later, in 1969, the five-mile section in Dublin was upgrade to a freeway.[14] Seven years later, the section between I-71 and Sunbury Road was upgraded to a divided highway.[15] In 1997, a bypass was created around New Albany, from I-270 to a point two miles (3.2 km) east of it. SR 161's route was changed to use the bypass, no longer intersecting New Albany's downtown area. The project completed in 2000.[16] On June 14, 2004, Ohio Department of Transportation began the Northwest Expressway Transformation, replacing 17 bridges, 18 ramps, and 5 miles of highway.[17] The project finished in 2008.[18] The freeway in New Albany was extended to SR 37, SR 161's eastern terminus.[19] Currently, new interchanges and solutions are being designed for interchanges of I-270 and Avery-Muirfield Drive.[20] Study started for the interchanges in 2011,[21] and phase one of the project will start in 2014.[22]

Junction list[edit]

County Location Mile[3] km Destinations Notes
Champaign Mutual 0.000 0.000 SR 29 Western terminus
Goshen Township 5.403 8.695 SR 559
7.105 11.434 SR 4 south Western terminus of SR 4 concurrency
Union Union Township 8.531 13.729 SR 4 north Eastern terminus of SR 4 concurrency
14.021 22.565 SR 38 south Western terminus of SR 38 concurrency
Darby Township 14.211 22.870 SR 38 north Eastern terminus of SR 38 concurrency
Plain City 20.451 32.913 US 42 (Jefferson Avenue)
No major junctions
No major junctions
Union Dublin 25.434 40.932 SR 161D Directional alternate of SR 161
25.484 41.013 SR 161D
26.024 41.882 Western end of limited-access highway
US 33 (Columbus–Marysville Road) / CR 24 (Post Road) Western terminus of US 33 concurrency
Franklin 27.334–
CR 3 (Avery–Muirfield Drive) Avery Road southbound, Muirfield Drive northbound
I‑270 (Jack Nicklaus Freeway) I-270 Exit 17A-B; US 33 / SR 161 is freeway west of here
28.874 46.468 Eastern end of limited-access freeway
29.734 47.852 SR 745 north (High Street) Southern terminus of SR 745; center of "Olde Dublin"
US 33 south (Riverside Drive) / SR 257 north Eastern terminus of US 33 concurrency, southern terminus of SR 257
Worthington 33.974–
SR 315 (Moody Jackson Parkway) Diamond interchange
35.024 56.366 US 23 (North High Street) At-grade intersection
Columbus 36.364 58.522 SR 710 (Busch Boulevard) Western terminus of SR 710
I‑71 Exit 117 on I-71
Minerva Park 39.814 64.074 Western end of limited-access freeway
Blendon Township 39.924–
CR 7004 / CR 7005 to SR 3 (Westerville Road) Access via folded diamond interchange and service roads.
Columbus 40.694–
I‑270 (Jack Nicklaus Freeway) Exit 30 on I-270
CR 8 (Sunbury Road) SPUI and half-cloverleaf combined interchange
CR 7004 (Little Turtle Way) Old SR 161 follows Dublin–Granville Road east of this interchange; No entrance from SR 161 eastbound and no re-entrance to westbound
CR 103F (Hamilton Road)
CR 613 (New Albany Road)
New Albany 46.824–
US 62 (East Main Street)
Licking 49.254–
TR 88 (Beech Road)
JerseySt. Albans
township line
SR 310 (Hazelton–Edna Road) to SR 161J
St. Albans Township 57.204–
SR 37 (Johnstown–Alexandria Road) Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

State Route 161J[edit]

State Route 161J
Location: Licking County, Ohio
Length: 5.8 mi[23] (9.3 km)

An unsigned state route named SR 161J exists[23] in Licking County. The actual name of the road is Jersey Mills Road. It starts as a dead end and ends at Jug Street Road. It intersects SR 310, but never meets SR 161. The route suffix "J" means "awaiting abandonment."[24]

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