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Oi! the Boat Records
Oi the Boat Logo.png
Parent company Oi the Boat, LLC
Founded 2007
Founder Joe Yakimicki, Max Campbell
Distributor(s) Independent
Genre punk, Oi!, Ska, Streetpunk, Various
Country of origin United States of America
Location Lafayette, IN
Official website oitheboat.com

Oi! the Boat Records is an independent record label based in Lafayette, Indiana owned by Max Campbell and Joe Yakimicki of punk rock band the Gestalts. The label was started as a digital distribution only record label to release Yakimicki's former bands early recordings.[1] It has since evolved into an internationally recognized independent label with a back catalog of vinyl and digital releases from both established and relatively unknown acts from half a dozen countries world-wide.

The label specializes in punk, oi!, ska, and hardcore bands.


Early Days[edit]

Oi! the Boat Records was formed in Lafayette, Indiana by Joe Yakimicki as a vehicle for a digital release of the earliest recordings by his former band Brassknuckle Boys.The first release for the label was Brassknuckle Boys "Songs About Fighting" which was initially released in 1999 by the band on cassette tape and CD as a tour only release. In 2007, Joe started Oi! the Boat to as a way to make this hard to find release available through digital download websites.[2]


In 2009, the label released its first vinyl output: a split 7" vinyl EP with Stamford Bridge (Carl Fritcher from iconic US Oi! band The Templars (band)) and Bastards Choir. In 2009 Max Campbell of Bastards Choir and Hudson Falcons joined Yakimicki as co-owner of Oi! the Boat.[3]

In 2010 the label released the popular Swedish Oi! band Perkele's EP entitled "Punk Rock Army" through a collaboration with Germany's Bandworm Records[4] who had previously rereleased Yakimicki's former band Brassknuckle Boys LP "Songs About Fighting" on vinyl.

Gaining notoriety[edit]

In late 2010 Lars Frederiksen of punk band Rancid and Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards contacted Oi! the Boat Records about the possibility of releasing music by his new Oi! band The Old Firm Casuals. To date, Oi! the Boat has released 3 EPs by the band, including a split double 7" vinyl EP with the seminal UK Oi! band The Last Resort [5]


  • OTB#1 Brassknuckle Boys "Songs About Fighting" (digital
  • OTB#2 Green Room Rockers "Hoosier Homegrown" (digital)
  • OTB#3 Hudson Falcons 'Desire to Burn' (digital)
  • OTB#4 Stamford Bridge / Bastards Choir (split 7")
  • OTB#5 The Cliches (digital(deleted))
  • OTB#6 Green Room Rockers "Green Room Rockers" (digital)
  • OTB#7 Perkele "Punk Rock Army" (7")
  • OTB#8 Minivans "Shake My Shakes Away" (7")
  • OTB#9 The Old Firm Casuals S/T (7")
  • OTB#10 Armed Suspects & Broken Heroes "For the Punks & Skins" 12"
  • OTB#11 The Last Resort / The Old Firm Casuals -Split (double 7")
  • OTB#12 Unit Six "Infection" (7")
  • OTB#13 Noi!se / Gestalts split (7")
  • OTB#14 The Old Firm Casuals "Army of One" (7")
  • OTB#15 Peter and the Test Tube Babies / Pennycocks split EP (7")
  • OTB#16 Whiskey Rebels "These Inside Jokes Are Killing Me" (12")
  • OTB#17 Brassknuckle Boys / Stomper 98 split EP (7")
  • OTB#18 Hooligan "No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs" EP (7")
  • OTB#19 Cold Feelings "American Industry LP (12")
  • OTB#20 VOi!CE of America Vol. 1 V/A EP (7")
  • OTB#21 Victory "Laced Up" (7")
  • OTB#22 The Old Firm Casuals "For the Love of it All..." Double LP/CD
  • OTB#23 Victory "Twin Cities" EP (7")
  • OTB#24 VOi!CE of America Vol. 2 V/A EP (7")[6]
  • OTB#25 Brick Assassin - "Chicago Brick Crew" (7")
  • OTB#26 Die Tring! "Die Trying" (7")
  • OTB#27 VOi!CE of America Vol. 3 V/A EP (7")
  • OTB#28 Victory / Brick Assassin "Best of Midwest Oi!" (7")
  • OTB#29 Duffy's Cut "Duffy's Cut" (12"/CD)
  • OTB#30 Anger Flares (7")
  • OTB#31 Oxley's Midnight Runners (in production)
  • OTB#32 Hooligan "Criminal Damage (7")


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