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Oka or OKA may refer to:

  • Oka cheese, a Canadian cheese
  • Oka (mass), an Ottoman unit of weight equal to 1.2829 kilograms
  • Oca or Oca, the root vegetable Oxalis tuberosa
  • MXY-7 Ohka (also spelled Ōka), a Japanese kamikaze aircraft in World War II
  • R-400 Oka, a theatre ballistic missile deployed by the Soviet Union
  • 16494 Oka, an asteroid
  • 81-760/761 "Oka", a model of subway car used on the Moscow Metro
  • Oka Crisis, a land dispute between the Mohawk Nation and the town of Oka, Canada
  • Naha Airport by IATA airport code
  • Okay Airways by ICAO airline code
  • Tropical Storm Oka, a Pacific storm in 1987
  • Oka (surname), a Japanese surname


  • VAZ-1111 Oka (Lada Oka), a small car designed by AvtoVAZ and produced by ZMA and SeAZ
  • Oka NEV ZEV, a NEV VAZ-1111 (see above) converted by Oka Auto USA
  • OKA 4wd, a large 4-wheel-drive vehicle made in Western Australia by OKA


  • 2B1 Oka, Soviet 420 mm self-propelled mortar


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