Okapi MPV

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Country Of Origin: South Africa
Designation: Mine Protected Vehicle
Configuration: 6 x 6
Manufacturer: Vickers OMC
Length: 7.117 m
Width: 2.48 m
Height: 3.3 m
Weight: 18 t
Ground Clearance: mm
Trench: m
Speed: 100 km/h (road)
km/h (off-road)
Range: 900 km (road)
400 km (off-road)
Primary armament:
Secondary armament:
Power plant:

The Okapi is a 6 x 6 mine-protected vehicle (MPV) which can be configured for use in various roles: command and control, fire control post or specialised anti-mine equipment carrier.

Production history[edit]


  • Command and Control
  • Fire Control
  • Biological Detection
  • Electronic Warfare


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