Okeh Presents the Wayfaring Stranger

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Okeh Presents the Wayfaring Stranger
Studio album by Burl Ives
Released August 1941
Genre Folk
Label Okeh Records
Alternative covers
1944 Columbia album with Flora's cover art

Originally released in August 1941 on Okeh Records, Okeh Presents the Wayfaring Stranger (Okeh K-3) is an album consisting of four 10-inch records (78 rpm, 6315-6318) by Burl Ives. This set marked Ives's debut as a recording artist. He accompanies himself on the guitar as he sings twelve folk songs.[1]

The same collection of songs was re-released as The Wayfaring Stranger by Columbia Records (C-103) on four 10-inch records (78 rpm, 36733-36736) in August 1944, with cover art by Jim Flora.[2] This collection should not be confused with Ives' album The Wayfaring Stranger released on Asch in 1944 with different songs.

It was released again on Columbia (CL 6109) on one 10-inch microgroove record (3313 rpm) in 1950, also with Flora's cover art.[3]

In a 1990 interview, Flora said, "Burl Ives was a troublemaker. His wife handled his affairs and if you forgot some da-da-da, she was on the phone to the president of Columbia. I don’t know whether we had to do this over again or what."[4]

Track listing[edit]

Record 1 (Okeh 6315; Columbia 36733)[edit]

Side Track Song Title
1. 1. Wee Cooper O'Fife
1. 2. Riddle Song
2. 1. Cowboy's Lament

Record 2 (Okeh 6316; Columbia 36734)[edit]

Side Track Song Title
1. 1. Tam Pierce
2. 1. I Know Where I'm Going
2. 2. I Know My Love

Record 3 (Okeh 6317; Columbia 36735)[edit]

Side Track Song Title
1. 1. Peter Gray
2. 1. Sweet Betsy from Pike
2. 2. On Top of Old Smoky

Record 4 (Okeh 6318; Columbia 36736)[edit]

Side Track Song Title
1. 1. Darlin' Cory
2. 1. Leather-Winged Bat
2. 2. Cotton-Eyed Joe

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