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State Highway 31 marker

State Highway 31
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length: 132.6 mi (213.4 km)
Major junctions
West end: SH-48 south of Tupelo
East end: US-59 / US-271 north of Panama
Highway system
SH-30 SH-32

State Highway 31 (abbreviated SH-31) is a state highway in Oklahoma. It runs 132.6 miles[1] in an irregular west-to-east pattern in the southeastern part of the state.

There are two spur highways branching from SH-31, SH-31A and SH-31B.

Route description[edit]

SH-31 begins at SH-48 seven miles (11 km) south of Tupelo. Two miles (3.2 km) east of here, SH-31B branches off, connecting the main highway with the town of Olney. SH-31 then continues for 10 miles (16 km) to Coalgate, the seat of Coal County, where it intersects US-75/SH-3. Leaving Coalgate, SH-31 turns north at SH-131, traveling 22 miles (35 km) to its junction with SH-31A, which connects with US-270 at Stuart. At SH-31A, SH-31 turns to the east, following the northern edge of the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, arriving in McAlester, seat of Pittsburg County, 22 miles (35 km) later.[2]

In McAlester, SH-31 forms a five-mile (8 km) concurrency with US-270 and SH-1, splitting up just east of the US-69 interchange on the east side of the city. SH-31 then sets off to the northeast, passing through Krebs, and crossing the south arm of Lake Eufaula.[2]

At Quinton, 27 miles (43 km) from McAlester, SH-31 serves as the southern terminus of SH-71, then heads east, forming a six-mile (10 km) concurrency with SH-2 to the town of Kinta. At Kinta, SH-2 turns north, and SH-31 continues east, with a short dogleg concurrency with SH-82 at Lequire. Continuing on to the east, SH-31 serves as the southern terminus for SH-26 at McCurtain, then passes though Bokoshe before terminating at US-59/US-271, two miles (3 km) north of Panama.[2]

Junction list[edit]

County Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Coal   0.0 0.0 SH-48 Western terminus
  2.0 3.2 SH-31B Northern terminus of SH-31B
Coalgate 11.5 18.5 US-75 / SH-3 Western terminus of US-75/SH-3 concurrency
11.6 18.7 US-75 / SH-3 Eastern terminus of US-75/SH-3 concurrency
Cairo 17.1 27.5 SH-131 Western terminus of SH-131
No major junctions
Hughes   39.0 62.8 SH-31A Southern terminus of SH-31A
Pittsburg McAlester 60.9 98.0 US-270 / SH-1 Western terminus of US-270/OK-1 concurrency
62.7 100.9 US-69
63.4 102.0 US-270 / SH-1 Eastern terminus of US-270/OK-1 concurrency
Quinton 90.8 146.1 SH-71 Southern terminus of SH-71
Haskell   92.9 149.5 SH-2 Western terminus of SH-2 concurrency
Kinta 98.6 158.7 SH-2 Eastern terminus of SH-2 concurrency
Lequire 106.4 171.2 SH-82
McCurtain 115.1 185.2 SH-26 Southern terminus of SH-26
Le Flore   132.6 213.4 US-59 / US-271 Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Spur routes[edit]


State Highway 31A
Location: Pittsburg and Hughes counties
Length: 4.46 mi[3][4] (7.18 km)

SH-31A is a 4.46-mile (7.18 km) spur connecting SH-31 with US-270/SH-1 and the town of Stuart in Pittsburg and Hughes counties.[3][4]


State Highway 31B
Location: Olney
Length: 3.44 mi[5] (5.54 km)

SH-31B is a 3.44-mile (5.54 km) spur connecting SH-31 and the town of Olney in Coal County.[5]

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