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State Highway 48 marker

State Highway 48
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length: 159.5 mi[1] (256.7 km)
Major junctions
South end: SH-78 in Durant
North end: US-64 south of Cleveland
Highway system
SH-47 SH-49

State Highway 48 (abbreviated SH-48) is a state highway in eastern Oklahoma that runs nearly 159.1 miles (256.0 km) from Bryan County to Pawnee County.[1] SH-48 has one lettered spur, SH-48A, in Johnston County.

Route description[edit]

SH-48 begins at SH-78 six miles (10 km) north of Durant. Running north, it is five miles (8 km) to the first highway intersection, SH-22, just west of Kenefic. Highway 48 continues on to the north, passing through the community of Folsom, and at Coleman, SH-48A spurs off to the west, towards the town of Milburn.

Seven miles ahead is Wapanucka, and the junction with SH-7. Nine miles past Wapanucka, SH-31 intersects, heading to the east, and in seven more miles Highway 48 reaches the town of Tupelo. Just north of Tupelo, SH-48 intersects SH-3, and then continues for 13 miles (21 km) to Allen, where it joins SH-1 for a seven-mile (11 km) concurrency to Atwood.

At Atwood, SH-48 splits off to the north, crosses the Canadian River, and soon enters the city of Holdenville, seat of Hughes County. SH-48 meets US-270 Business in Holdenville, then intersects US-270 just north of town. SH-48 intersects with SH-9 in northwestern Hughes County, and then turns to the east the junction with SH-99A, just west of Bearden.

Highway 48 turns back to the north soon after leaving Bearden, and crosses the North Canadian River just south of the I-40 junction. Two miles after I-40, SH-48 crosses SH-56 five miles (8 km) west of Okemah, then US-62 five miles (8 km) after that, just west of Castle.

The 25 miles (40 km) between US-62 and the SH-16 junction in Bristow is very rural, with no settlements of any size. At Bristow, SH-48 joins SH-16 and SH-66 for a short three-route concurrency through town. SH-16 branches off just north of downtown Bristow, and SH-48/SH-66 intersect with I-44/Turner Turnpike at Bristow's northern edge.

Four miles after I-44, SH-66 splits off the east, and Highway 48 continues north eight miles (13 km) to SH-33, then another nine miles (14 km) to SH-51, two miles (3 km) west of Mannford. SH-48 crosses the Cimarron River and skirts the western edge of Keystone Lake as it travels its final few miles, intersecting with US-412/Cimarron Turnpike just before terminating at US-64, eight miles (13 km) south of Cleveland.


State Highway 48A
Location: Johnston County, Oklahoma
Length: 9.39 mi[2] (15.11 km)

SH-48 has one lettered spur, State Highway 48A. SH-48A connects SH-48 to SH-78 at Milburn, in Johnston County.

Junction list[edit]

County Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Bryan Durant 0.0 0.0 SH-78 Southern terminus
Kenefic 4.6 7.4 SH-22
Johnston Coleman 14.8 23.8 SH-48A
Wapanucka 22.0 35.4 SH-7
Coal   31.4 50.5 SH-31
  39.1 62.9 SH-3
Pontotoc Allen 59.1 95.1 SH-1 Western terminus of SH-1 concurrency
Hughes Atwood 66.2 106.5 SH-1 Eastern terminus of SH-1 concurrency
Holdenville 76.9 123.8
US-270 Bus.
Southern terminus of US-270 Bus. concurrency
78.2 125.9
US-270 / US-270 Bus.
Northern terminus of US-270 Bus.
  87.8 141.3 SH-9
Okfuskee Bearden 95.8 154.2 SH-99A
  101.6 163.5 I‑40 I-40 exit 217
  103.4 166.4 SH-56
  106.5 171.4 US-62
Creek Bristow 131.1 211.0 SH-16 Southern terminus of SH-16 concurrency
131.5 211.6 SH-66 Southern terminus of SH-66 concurrency
132.2 212.8 SH-16 Northern terminus of SH-16 concurrency
132.6 213.4 I‑44 / Turner Turnpike I-44 exit 196
  135.2 217.6 SH-66 Northern terminus of SH-66 concurrency
  144.1 231.9 SH-33
  152.5 245.4 SH-51
Pawnee   159.2 256.2 US-412 / Cimarron Turnpike Access to westbound US-412 only, eastbound access via US-64
  159.5 256.7 US-64 Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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