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Oktay Kaynarca (b. 27 January 1965 in Malatya) Turkish actor. He is better known for his role in the popular TV series, Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves). He currently plays in a film called "Adanalı". He is one of the main characters in the film. His role name is "Yavuz", or "Adanalı".


In Turkey, Oktay Kaynarca is more recognized with his work in TV. He played "Süleyman Çakır" in the cult Turkish series Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves). His character was so sympathized that, when his character died in the series, his fans performed a funeral service in absentia.

He has a poem album called Ölümden Öte Köy Yok (There is no town further than death).


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