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This article is about the lower case spelling. For the all-capitalized spelling, see OLA (disambiguation).

Ola may refer to:


United States


  • Daniel Ola (born 1982), Ghanaian-Nigerian footballer
  • Ola John (born 1992), Liberian-Dutch footballer
  • Ola Rapace (born 1971), Swedish actor
  • Ola Jordan (born 1982), Polish dancer
  • Ola Salo (born 1977), Swedish singer
  • Ola Svensson (born 1986), Swedish singer, better known by his mononym Ola
  • Ola Ray (born 1960), American model and actress
  • Ola Toivonen (born 1986), Swedish football player
  • Ola, a spelling variation of Aulakh, a clan or gotra of Jats in India

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