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Olaf Storaasli
Olaf O. Storaasli photo (Manchester UK).jpg
Born (1943-05-15) May 15, 1943 (age 71)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation Computational Science & Engineering

Olaf O. Storaasli, Synective Labs VP, was a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Computer Science and Mathematics Division's Future Technologies Group) and USEC following his NASA career. He led the hardware, software and applications teams' successful development of one of NASA's 1st parallel computers, the Finite element machine and developed rapid matrix equation algorithms to exploit accelerators (FPGAs) to solve science and engineering applications. He was PhD advisor and graduate instructor at UT, GWU and CNU and mentored 25 NHGS students. He is recognized by American Men and Women of Science, Marquis Who's Who, and NASA, Cray, Intel and Concordia College awards. NASA Awards include Viking Mars Lander design and Engineering Analysis (IPAD, RIM, HPC, FPGA, SPAR, FEM, Space Shuttle SRB and NASA Software-of-the-year).


Storaasli received a B.A. in Physics, Mathematics & French (Concordia College, 1964), M.A. in Mathematics (USD,1966), Ph.D in Engineering Mechanics (NCSU, 1970) and post-doc fellowships: NTNU (1984–85), University of Edinburgh (2008).


He develops, tests and documents parallel analysis software to speed matrix equation solution to simulate physical & biological behavior on advanced-computer architectures (e.g. NASA's GPS solver based on prior Finite element machine and rapid parallel analysis of Space Shuttle SRB redesign earned Cray's 1st GigaFLOP Performance Award] at Supercomputing '89).


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