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Heikki Olavi Suomalainen (born March 27, 1947 in Sääminki, Finland) is a former Finnish marathon runner. He won Boston Marathon in 1972 by 18 seconds margin to Víctor Mora. In 1973 he finished third at the same race.[1]

During his career Olavi Suomalainen suffered from injuries and failed to qualify to the Summer Olympics or European Championships in Athletics. He took the bronze medal at the Finnish Championship Marathon in the Olympic years 1972 and 1976. However, in 1976 gold medalist Håkan Spik, silver medalist Jukka Toivola, and Lasse Virén were nominated to the Olympic Marathon.[1]

Suomalainens winning time 2:15:39 at the 1972's Boston Marathon remained as his personal best. Olavi Suomalainen is a Master of Science in Engineering.[1]


  • All results regarding marathon, unless stated otherwise
Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing  Finland
1972 Boston Marathon Boston, United States 1st 2:15:39


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