Old-Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands

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Old-Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands
Urk Joachim Boaz-1.JPG
Classification Protestant
Orientation conservative Calvinist
Theology Reformed
Polity Presbyterian
Region The Netherlands
Founder Pastor Boone
Origin 1948
Congregations 57 plus 3 mission ststions in the Netherlands
Members 18,000 (2005)[1]

The Old-Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands is a pietistic and sectarian[2] Reformed denomination in the Netherlands.


The characteristics of the denomination is the loose structure compared to other churches, and less dogmatic rigidity. In the recent years the denomination has worked closely with the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland.


The federation has 62 congregations and three departments in the Netherlands and one congregation located in Salford, Canada. Membership is approximately 18,000 baptized members. The largest congregations are in Urk, Barneveld, Geldermalsen, Kinderdijk, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Rijssen, Stavenisse. According to the Los Angeles Times, the federation is growing by 50 members annually.[3][4]

Full list of all churches of the Old-Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands:

Amersfoort Old Reformed Congregation
Stavenisse Old Reformed Congregation


The federation was created in 1948 by the union of the Old Reformed Churches (Boone municipalities) and the Federation of Old Reformed Congregations. The Old Reformed Church was founded in 1907 with Pastor Boone as leader. The Federation of Old Reformed Churches was a small denomination founded in 1912. In 1952 a few Christian Reformed Churches also joined the. It has a theological seminary. In missions the Old-Reformed Church collaborates with the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland.[5]


The church experienced growth during the 1950 and the 1960s, mainly because the free congregations joined the Old-Reformed Congregations. The number of the 48 congregations that formed the federation increased to over 60. A few Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands parishes joined in Leersum, Thorn and Dortrecht.


The denomination respect the beliefs of Dutch Reformed Church in the Netherlands[clarification needed] and accepts the Heidelberg Catechism.[5]

Social issues[edit]

The church is against the use of television and movies. Homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia and contraception are regarded as sinful. The children of the members must go to reformed schools. The women must wear long skirts and headcovers in worship services.[6]


In 2007 the Old-Reformed Congregations (unconnected) was formed.


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