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Web address OldVersion.com
Slogan Because newer is not always better
Type of site
Freeware/shareware archive of old software versions
Registration Optional (to post on forum).
Available in English
Created by Alex Levine, Igor Dolgalev
Launched May 31, 2001[1]
Alexa rank
positive decrease 42,028 (November 2014)[2]

OldVersion.com is an archive website that stores and distributes older versions of primarily Internet-related PC and Macintosh freeware and shareware application software. Alex Levine and Igor Dolgalev[3] founded the site in 2001.[4]

Levine created the site because "Companies make a lot of new versions. They're not always better for the consumer." As reported in the Wall Street Journal, " 'Users often try to downgrade when they find confusing changes in a new version or encounter software bugs, or just decide they want to go back to a more familiar version,' said David Smith, an analyst at research firm Gartner. 'Often, they discover that the downgrade process is complicated, if not impossible.' "[4]

When OldVersion.com was launched it offered 80 versions of 14 programs.[3] By 2005 over 500 versions were posted.[5] By 28 August 2007 this had grown to 2388 versions of 179 programs, in categories such as "graphics", "file-sharing", "security" and "enterprise".[6][7] The site also carries 600+ versions of 35 Macintosh programs.[8]

PC World has labeled the site "a treasure trove ... of older-but-better software";[9] the National Review calls OldVersion.com a "champion" for "software conservatives".[10]

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