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The Christian Union of Latvian Orthodox, generally known as the Old Believers (Latvian: Vecticībnieku), was a political party in Latvia in the inter-war period. It was led by M Kalistratov.[1]


The Latvian Old Believers' Central Committee (Latvijas vecticībnieku centrālā komiteja) first contested national elections in 1922, winning a single seat in the Saeima.[2]

In the 1925 elections, the Vecticībnieku won two seats, which were retained when the United List of Old Believers (Apvienotais vecticībnieku saraksts) won two seats in the 1928 elections. However, both seats were lost when Vecticībnieku failed to win a seat in the 1931 elections.

A second Old Believers group ran as the Orthodox, Old Believers and United Russian Organisation's List (PVKO) in the 1925, 1928 and 1931 elections.[3]


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