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The graffiti on the Old Brewery Mission

Old Brewery Mission is a homeless shelter located in Montreal. It is the largest shelter for men in the province of Quebec, and the largest homeless shelter for women in Canada.[1] It is also the largest private homeless shelter in Canada, and the second largest shelter overall.[2] The Old Brewery Mission was established in 1889 and has 488 beds at its main shelter on Clark Street.[3] It is estimated that there are 30,000 homeless people living in Montreal.[4]

Originally a soup kitchen, the shelter today provides over 145,000 nights of shelter and 260,000 meals every year to its clients.[2]


The Old Brewery Mission features five different centres:

Webster Pavilion[edit]

The Webster Pavilion, located at 915 Clark Street, receives up to 308 clients a day. It provides beds, food and clothing for 77 male residents. It also serves as a temporary refuge for 192 clients a night.[5]

59 beds at the pavilion are reserved for participants in the centre's daytime transitional programs. The transitional programs are run by trained counselors who help the shelter's clients to leave homelessness and to become self-dependent.[5]

Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion[edit]

The Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion, located at 1301, De Maisonneuve Boulevard East, is the largest shelter for homeless women in Canada.[6] It opened in 1998, and provides shelter for 76 women at a time, along with 38 transitional residences, 30 emergency beds and 8 beds reserved for clients of its day program.[6] It also provides food, clothing and referrals to social and medical services.[6]

Maison Roger Beaulieu[edit]

The Maison Roger Beaulieu, located at 6400 Clark Street, is a 42 bed residence for people ready to make the transition from homelessness back to mainstream society.[7]

Marcelle et Jean Coutu Pavilion[edit]

Built in 2006, the Marcelle et Jean Coutu Pavilion, located at 7 Saint-Antoine Street West, provides 30 subsidized social housing units for men. Its tenants live at the pavilion for a longer period of time, pay rent, and learn about budgeting and independent living.[8]

Maison Claude-Laramée[edit]

Maison Claude-Laramée, located at 60 De l'Eglise Street in the borough of Verdun, is a Douglas Hospital affiliated shelter, and is dedicated to preventing homelessness among people suffering from mental health problems and substance abuse. The first of its kind in Quebec, its funding and clinical psychiatric support is provided by the Douglas Hospital, and its day-to-day operations are managed by the Old Brewery Mission.[9]


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