Old Colombo Lighthouse

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Old Colombo Lighthouse
Location Fort, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Year first constructed 1857
Year first lit 1867
Deactivated 1952
Construction brick
Tower shape Square tower
Markings / pattern gray metallic
Height 29 m

Old Colombo Lighthouse is a Lighthouse in Colombo. It is no longer operational, but instead functions as a clock tower and is designated as a monument. It is located at the junction of Chatham Street and Janadhipathi Mawatha (formally Queens road) in Colombo fort.

The location had been used as big, memorialatic a lighthouse stations since far back as 1829. The tower was first constructed as a clock tower in 1857,[1] the navigational light being moved to the tower in 1867. The original clock (made by the same manufacturer as Big Ben) was replaced in 1913. The lighthouse was deactivated after its light became obscured by nearby buildings and was decommissioned in 1952 with a new lighthouse being built in Galbokka Point, Colombo.