Old Finch Avenue Bailey Bridge

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Old Finch Avenue Bailey Bridge
Finch Avenue Bridge.png
Old Finch Bailey Bridge
Coordinates 43°49′31″N 79°11′49″W / 43.825171°N 79.196869°W / 43.825171; -79.196869Coordinates: 43°49′31″N 79°11′49″W / 43.825171°N 79.196869°W / 43.825171; -79.196869
Carries single lane vehicular traffic
Crosses Rouge River
Locale Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Maintained by Toronto Transportation Services
Design bailey bridge
Total length 40 metres (130 ft)
Clearance below Rouge River
Opened 1954

The Old Finch Avenue bridge is a Bailey bridge in Toronto. The Finch bridge is used for limited vehicular traffic on Old Finch Avenue in north-east Toronto to cross the Rouge River. The bridge dates back to late October 1954; it was constructed by the army in three working days (including the timber piles supporting in mid-stream) using bridge components from Ontario Hydro, after Hurricane Hazel destroyed the old one. This bridge was built for single traffic, it is now controlled by traffic lights.

Currently, this part of Old Finch Avenue is closed for repairs to the bridge.[1]

The bridge is considered an historic landmark in Toronto,[2] where the City of Scarborough council has erected a plaque beside the bridge which reads:

On October 15, 1954, Hurricane Hazel struck the Scarborough area with terrifying force, severely damaging or completely washing out several bridges. To maintain a safe flow of traffic throughout the Municipality, a number of Bailey Bridges were erected by the 2nd Field Engineer Regiment of the Canadian Military Engineers. This bridge is the last of those remaining in service in Scarborough. This plaque serves to commemorate the efforts of the 2nd Field Engineer Regiment in meeting this natural disaster.[3]

There are two other bailey bridges in the Greater Toronto Area:


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