Old Golden Throat

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Old Golden Throat
Compilation album by Johnny Cash
Released June 1968
Recorded August 8, 1958 - January 12, 1967
Genre Country
Length 34:12
Label CBS Records
Producer Don Law, Frank Jones
Johnny Cash chronology
At Folsom Prison
Old Golden Throat
Heart of Cash
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Old Golden Throat is a compilation album and 28th overall album by country singer Johnny Cash, released in 1968 (see 1968 in music) exclusively in the UK on CBS Records. The record is a collection of single sides that, with two exceptions, had not yet appeared on an album (the exceptions being "Still in Town" and "Tennessee Flat Top Box"). The mix spans recordings made almost a decade before its release and songs completed up to several months prior to it. Nine of the fourteen tracks had appeared on Billboard's country singles chart (see below).

Two of the songs on the album - "I Got Stripes" and "Dark as a Dungeon" - had been performed by Cash at Folsom Prison and subsequently appeared on his famous At Folsom Prison live album in May 1968. However, the versions included here were originally recorded and released in 1959 and 1963, respectively.

Because the tracks were taken from singles, the album was released only in monaural. The album was not released on cd in this form, though many of the tracks can easily be found on compilation cd's.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Got Stripes" (Cash, Charlie Williams) – 2:05
    Single A-side (June 1959)
  2. "A Certain Kinda Hurtin'" (Cash) – 2:03
    "Sons of Katie Elder" B-side (July 1965)
  3. "Little at a Time" (Cash, Gordon Terry) – 1:57
    "In The Jailhouse" B-side (May 1962)
  4. "All Over Again" (Cash) – 2:12
    Single A-side (September 1958)
  5. "Still in Town" (Harlan Howard, Hank Cochran) – 2:36
    "The Matador" B-side (September 1963)
  6. "Smiling Bill McCall" (Cash) – 2:07
    "Seasons of My Heart" B-side (March 1960)
  7. "The Wind Changes" (Cash) – 2:49
    "Red Velvet" B-side (September 1967)
  8. "The Sons of Katie Elder" (Ernie Sheldon, Elmer Bernstein) – 2:35
    Single A-side (July 1965)
  9. "Dark as a Dungeon" (Merle Travis) – 2:29
    "Understand Your Man" B-side (January 1964)
  10. "Tennessee Flat Top Box" (Cash) – 3:01
    Single A-side (September 1961)
  11. "The Matador" (Cash, June Carter) – 2:48
    Single A-side (September 1963)
  12. "Send a Picture of Mother" (Cash) – 2:53
    "Busted" B-side (December 1962)
  13. "You Dreamer You" (Cash) – 1:49
    "Frankie's Man Johnny" B-side (March 1959)
  14. "Red Velvet" (Ian Tyson) – 2:48
    Single A-side (September 1967)



Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1967 "The Wind Changes" Country Singles 60
1965 "The Sons of Katie Elder" Country Singles 10
1964 "Dark as a Dungeon" Country Singles 49
1963 "The Matador" Country Singles 2
1961 "Tennessee Flat-Top Box" Country Singles 11
1960 "Smiling Bill McCall" Country Singles 13
1959 "You Dreamer You" Country Singles 13
1959 "I Got Stripes" Country Singles 4
1958 "All Over Again" Country Singles 4

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