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The Old Man River's City project was an architectural design created by Buckminster Fuller in 1971.[1] Fuller was asked to design the structure from the city of East St. Louis. Old Man's River City would have been a truly massive housing project for the city's 70,000 residents. The total capacity of the building, a circular multi-terraced dome, would be 125,000 occupants. Each family would have approximately 2,500 square feet (230 m2) of living space.[2]

Total Undercover area 1,767,146 meters

ZONE A[edit]

Outer Perimeter: 4750 meters

1,130,974 meters

ZONE B[edit]

Esplanade Perimeter: 2800 meters

565,486 meters

ZONE C[edit]

70,686 meters total area

Critical Path[edit]

Buckminster Fuller, "Critical Path"

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